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Fitting After Market Stereo Head Unit.

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I have tried reading through many threads in this topic but I am still unclear as to what what xtra bits are needed to connect a new after market Head unit (Mutant) to the original wire harness ( i.e. to swop the original radio for the Mutant). I have allready bought a plastic fascia adaptor.

1. Do I need a new wiring harness adaptor (iso-iso type like PC2-17-4) to connect the mutant HU to the old harness?

2. Do I need to switch (cross over connection) the ignition and live wires to retain radio memory?

3. Do I need an aerial adaptor?

Thank you in advance for your response,


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1) No

2) Probably. In most cases the yellow and red wires.

3) Maybe. Depends on the connection the Mutant has.*

*) As far as I could gather from the internet the Mutants have a shaft-style antenna-connection,

while the Aygo has a button-style connector. If this is true you need an adapter like this:


This is for connection antennae with a 50 Ω-connector to a stereo with a 150 Ω-connector

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Thanks Jan,

That sorts out my problem because the fascia adapter is on its way and the aerial adapter is available here. What was not available was the wiring adapter but that is not needed as you mentioned.

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Looking at the aygo's stereo pins and Mutants power pin, both seem to have the ignition and 12Volt pin at the same place, i.e. I won't have to even shift the position of these two wires!

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