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New 3 Door Rav In Late 2013 Early 2014?

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Somebody on another forum said that he had heard that there is a "New 3 Door Rav in Late 2013 early 2014"

If so that would be great! Anybody know anything about that ... and put diff locks on it too please if it is true

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according to that autocar story then , toyota has woken up, smelt the bacon , looked at the sales of the juke and dusted off a 12 year old concept car, which looks to have been the inspriration for the juke in the first place, and are now going to think about building something along those lines,


I'm not holding my breath,but i hope if they come up with one, they choose the gt86 designer for it.

now that i can live with

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The 4.4 will need to have been well launched ( with its Mk.2 German engine in it by that time.....?) before they will bring in something that will deplete its sales numbers, and let's face it......a 3 door Rav will sell like hotcakes.

Big Kev

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