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New Cambelt?

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My wife has an S (1998, GS) Reg Petrol Avensis with 120000 on the clock. We have a quote of £350 to replace the cambelt. We want to keep the car as long as possible, Does this sound a fair price??

Any thoughts gratefully received.


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Not sure on the price but it is advised that you make sure it's a full kit not just the belt which includes the water pump etc because this will more than likely fail very soon if you don't have it replaced and so it will need doing again. Have all the belts changed whilst they have it stripped down as a belt and braces type insurance.

The price of parts can vary from around £60 for the 1.8 engine to as much as £175 for the 2.0 engine these prices from Eurocarparts web site which are a good fair guide ... prices from a main dealer will be more.

Regards Pete.

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Sounds about right. I got quoted £400+ on a Rover about 5 years ago. It does get pricey becaue, as Pete recommends, you want the water pump, belt tensioner etc replaced because its them that fail/sieze and snap the belt. I didn't bother as my car was only worth £400. Traded it in on the Avensis as it happens.

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If I'm right. the engine in the S reg 1.8 GS is the old Carina E engine. 1.8-litre 7A-FE 81 kW (109 hp) also used in the celica and corolla.

I don't think they did a 2.0 GS, until the VVTI came on the scene after facelift.

The parts should be cheap, if its the 1.8 petrol



and is your £350 quote including waterpump?



parts = 77.00

my advice would be to shop around.

also I think going to Toyota Direct just for parts will be much more expensive, using genuine parts for extra piece of mind, Give them a ring you maybe surprised.

Maybe If you state your area someone on the forum will be able to recommend you a garage..

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The water pump is not driven by the cambelt on the 7A-FE engine. The water pump is driven by the belt that drives the alternator, which in turn drives the power steering pump via another belt.

The cambelt only goes around the crank sprocket, the tensioner and one camshaft sprocket. This gives the belt an easy run.

The pulley on the waterpump is removed, so that the side casing can be removed. The water pump itself stays in place.

So if the water pump is included in the belt change, ask why?

My previous belt change was £130, but this time I will change it myself.

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