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Ego Ts Bluetooth Hands Free

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Stumbled across this whilst searching for a bluetooth kit for my avensis.


This is EXACTLY what I want as I don't want any after market control units stuck to the dash or steering wheel.

Alternatively, I have a 2006 Avensis which has built in voice control for the audio and navigation, is there any bluetooth kit that hooks into this and allows hands free telephone and audio playback from an iPhone ?

Thanks in advance,


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is it the facelift or pre facelift.

if the links are the one you are looking for, just contact your local Toyota, they should be able to order it in..

facelift- http://www.burrowsto...3010-i2291.html

pre facelift- http://www.burrowstoyotaparts.co.uk/avensis-2003-2005-bluetooth-pz409-0029a-c0-pz420-00296-en75597-0501062217-13010-i2355.html

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Thanks for the reply.

I'm not sure if it's per or post facelift.

It looks like this:


Which one would I need?

Any idea roughly how much fitting would be?



do you know when in 2006 yours was registered. I think after march was facelift.

preface lift- 5 gears if manual, 115bhp, no indicator lights on wing mirrors. looking at the picture the sat nav looks like the old one.

facelift- new grille, 6 speed, rears lights, different 125bhp, indicators on the wing mirrors, sat nav is a bigger screen and would be where your cd/radio player is on the pre face lift.

sorry I dont know how much fitting would be.

ring your local toyota and ask.

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