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Avensis + Techstream + Cheap Mvci Adapter = Not Working Properly

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Hi, received cheap chinese Mini VCI adapter J2534 together with Techstream 7.20.041 and MVCI driver (says it's version 1.4.8).

Installed. Tested on Avensis D4D 110kW. Can see the car, parameters, but can customise only auto lights. Cant find anything more- no power windows, wireless locking etc.

Downloaded Techstream 7.31.003. Reinstalled. Still the same. Downloaded new MVCI driver (says 2.0.1). Still the same. Tried to switch between regions - Other, Europe, North America - the same.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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I've got MINI VCI adapter as well and encounter the same problem- can't custumise almost anything...

Is this common Mini VCI problem, or some adapters can do it?

I am interested particularly of reprogramming of new injectors (D-4D), is it possible?

tamsa, have you got any progress using Mini VCI/Techstream?

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