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Toyota Corolla Front Wing Replacement

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I have dented the Off Side front wing of my 2004 Corolla. I have found a replacement part from a scrappers and am getting Saturday. Could any one tell me if the wing is spot welded or is it bolt on? I plan on doing this myself but dont really want to take the front bumper of and the wheel arch lining to find its welded into place.

Thank you in advance.

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Replaced the wing fairly handy on Sunday. It was only bolt on with no spot welds or adhesive.

I did have to loosen the front bumper (niot remove it completly) on the wing side and take off most of the wheel arch lining. This is a simple Job but do take care when removing the bolt near the windscreen. I would recomend taking of the wiper arms and the lining at the base of the windscreen as puting that bolt back in was a B*****D. There are a few hidden bolt behind alovely plastic holder for the bumper and one in the wheel arch behind another plastic thing (this plastic bit didnt go back on as i couldnt see what it was for)

Hope this answers any future questions.

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