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Dpf Failing After 160K...

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thinking about it mine also only used to do it on motorways

(a) Disconnect both differential pressure hoses (both upstream and downstream) on the differential pressure sensor side. b.)Start the engine.(c.) Check if there is exhaust gas pulsation from both vac

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i have a customer with a vectra who had a problem with his dpf, i did a diagnostic check using auto comm and it kept saying egr valve problem, we replaced this but didnt do anything, after around 10 miles it came back on and wouldnt rev properly.

after a few calls to vauxhall and autodata i found that the dpf and the sensor tubes was blocked.

i was told to remove the dpf and use forte dpf cleaner and regenerator. after letting it work for 2 hours i flushed the filter with clean warm water and dried with my air blower i put the car back together and supprise supprise it worked, another mechanic took it for a road test and to do a force regeneration and after 6 months hes only been back for a set of brake pads, result

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I think if the DPF is diagnosed as clogged , that is exactly what I will do , remove and clean it...

if it is the sensor pipes blocked, i will check cost or replacement and decide if I clean them or replace them with the new service kit parts, which will be a better fix...

My EGR was replaced at 110k under warranty, there was a change to the EGR valve from what i gather of the bulletins to reduce deposits building up in them... so i am going to check if my replacement part was new or old design...

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Day 4 of driving and still drives fine (124 miles x 4 days) yesterday I contacted the dealer to request a quote on completing a FULL diagnostic check on the fault code P2002 (Technical Service Bulletin EG-0170T-0311-EN)

The dealer is going to check and get back to me :dots: (still waiting...)

Auristi I would be very interested to hear what is the outcome of your DPF cleaning process. SR Smithy, thanks for that it seems this might be the most cost effective manner to get a fix, IF it is down to the DPF being clogged. ( I know with 160k it most likely to be, but there are other possible causes identified in the bulletin above and I want to eliminate them as possible causes)

Day 5 today of driving,

and still no "limp-home-mode", no change in performance, no abnormal noise, no extra smoke ( in this case probably seeing lots of smoke might be better i.e. unclogged :laughing: ), no excessive heat in engine bay etc...)

I should be receiving the ARCOIL stuff ... so it will probably go in the tank this evening or tomorrow morning.

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End of Day 5 ... no problems or issues with the car , I am now not even noticing the error lights (kind of... not as if you cannot see them but I am not worried about it)

So to date

-I have driven 124 miles x 5 days = 620 miles , average mpg = 38mpg (same as always ... no change...)

-No significant smoke out of back. no abnormal noises etc... basically car is running fine...

However , I have got a quote from dealer for the FULL diagnostic of the DPF fault, 3.25 hours and loads of money... but i am going ahead with it, as I am going to play this by the book and summarize my issues with this car to Toyota UK. not sure value of it but at least i will vent my anger...

I do think however, and i cannot tell from the bulletins, when the engine light is on, it disables the regen process. (As it has a fault detected in one part of the system, the ECU, I think plays it safe and disables the 5th injector and regen cycle. So I think i am probably now clogging the DPF by doing this driving with engine light on (unless the DPf cleaner is doing its trick)

Hence why i want the dealer to run the full diagnosis, and the "forced" regen. cycles...

I am interested to see the result of your DPF cleaning, Auristi, as I have heard that other types of DPF can be cleaned, but i do not have any information about the "dry wall" type Toyota use. I guess there is nothing different, but it if works, I will definitely go down that path.

Ps: Still waiting for the Arcoil to arrive... refilling this weekend , so hope to get it before Sunday...

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7th day of commute. I have reset the code by disconnecting the Battery , but the code re-appears around 50 miles later...

still performance is fine, nothing noticeably wrong...

Poured another bottle of Wynns DFP cleaner into a full tank,... still waiting for the Arcoil cleaner stuff. stuff...

Keen to hear what Auristi has to say about the cleaning operation...

I have booked my diagnosis day with Toyota Dealer, Quoted for just over 3 hours a grand sum of 400 quid, which they are willing to drop down to 250! but against the 2k total cost...i am still going to go through with it...

there are a lot of open questions on some of the information in the TSB's , which i intend to follow up with Toyota UK

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when you drive the car dont keep the throttle in one position for more than 10 secs as the ecu starts taking reading from pressure sensors after 10 secs of constant throttle so if u keep fluctuating the throttle it will never take readings so never throwing the code up ( this is info i have read in another place so dont hold me 100% to this as i have not tryed it )

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I have tried it , as it mentions it in the bulletin, that is one of the sensor checks that could trigger the error, but twice i tried after resetting the error code , it came back..., after around 50 miles...( I am wondering it this is when a regen cycle kicks in and this creates a big pressure differential and hence triggers the fault... don't know...)

I was even counting to 8 and backing of the throttle for 50 miles... but it did not seem to work.

(Painfull exercise also when you are driving for an hour.... )

An interesting discovery today... I went to an alternative dealer to discuss the diagnosis check timing and costs, and they will get back to me. But they made a comment along the lines of "9 out of 10" cases it is just the Differential pressure tube blocked", "we do not replace DPF anymore..." which seems a different story to the "DPF needs replacing" i got from my local dealer, but i shall hold judgement until diagnostics is done...

MOST important this engine check light triggers the VSC light to go on... and i thought it might be the light on ONLY, but it is not !

I actually now don't have Vehicle Stability Control. ABS works fine but no VSC.

Why the :censor: does this happen? What has an Exhaust filter fault got to do with STOPPING a HANDLING SAFETY FEATURE on my car...completely puzzled and NOT IMPRESSED, I imagine the central ECU controls all faults but surely this is a BUG in the software or a REALLY STUPID decision in terms of fault management.

This is something I am adding to my list of issues to Toyota UK. :mad2:. Perhaps this one should go to VOSA... not sure...

Anyway... another commute day... no problems STILL. ( total 8 days x 124 miles )= 994 miles.

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if i was u mate i would take the pressure sensor lines off at the sensor end which is just under the wipers thing on the driver side and put some compressed air down there or if u have no air then some brake cleaner try break up whats in there also have u had the 5th injector maybe worth looking at seen as its easy go get to

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if i was u mate i would take the pressure sensor lines off at the sensor end which is just under the wipers thing on the driver side and put some compressed air down there or if u have no air then some brake cleaner try break up whats in there also have u had the 5th injector maybe worth looking at seen as its easy go get to

Adam, I think out of principle I am going to get Toyota to do this by the book. I think it will be a good learning experience I will summarise my experiences and at the end you will all be able to see :

1. My error code, how i got it, what i did between having the fault and getting it repaired.

2. Impact it had on my driving commute.

3. time it took to do it by the "book"

4. Costs implied

5. Actual fault diagnosis process and results

6. What was the final root cause.

this should help others make their mind up how to go about it if they suffer a similar fate. Also they can then decide on repair, considering what Auristi has done on cleaning the DPF alone for example.

Does it cost to have a forced regen done by Toyota and do u need the light to be on? I'd like to look after mine so it never gets clogged.

It will cost time as the technicians have to book the car in, plug the diagnostic tool, run it, and then get the diagnotic tool to run a forced regen, which i guess takes at least 15-20 minutes and I think basically revs the nuts of the engin, triggers the 5th injector and monitors gases until it reckons it has regened enough. so bank on at least 45 mintues labour cost at Toyota technician times.

200 km, and no fault code, yet...

AWESOME!, I have been quoted 340 quid to do this by a local garage(remove DPF, take it away clean it and refit. much cheaper than a replacement.

Keep us posted!


Day 9 - still running it as normal as ever, fuel consumption in line with previous levels, all normal...

This is second tank of fuel after the last refill with the Wynns DPF cleaner, Friday I collect the ArCOIL DPF cleaner stuff and try that...

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If you use Liqui Moly cleaner and purging agent, you dont need remove it for cleaning.

" It is only necessary to remove the pressure or temperature sensor in the exhaust system. Then the probe can be inserted through the opening and the cleaning fluid sprayed directly into the particulate filter."


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That is pretty inpressive Auristi,

I have a strong feeling my DPF is not clogged, so i will wait to see what the diagnosis says... if they say it is the differential pressure pipes, liquimoly probably would not work, so i will get those replaced.

If they tell me it is the last possible cause in the full diagnosis, a blocked DPF, then I am not going to replace it for £2000 cost :crazy: , so definitely will use your recommendation, looks like it is doing well with you... ^_^

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Update it has been over 13 days and over 1800 miles running with the P2002 error code. The car is at the dealers tonight and they are going to go through the full diagnosis procedure, to determine what is wrong...

A couple of developments

1. Since adding the Arcoil , I have had a couple of white puffs out the exhaust ( a bit like regen)... so not sure if the stuff has cleared the system enough. and whilst the fault code stays on it might be regenerating or clearing any blockage .

2. Car has been running really well, in fact i would even say it was quieter than it has been ... so I am wondering if this stuff has improved combustion, and also due to raised temperatures is assisting on burning off any blocks...

Anyhow , the dealer booked it in, I have specifically requested that they document results for every step and time taken, so i will report on outcomes of this and what ultimately is judged as the root cause.

More information tomorrow , and once the repair is complete I will summarise what i have picked up from studying the tech bulletins and how the diagnosis process works, times taken, costs, etc... might be of use to the wider community in future...

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Hi all... I am going to detail all the results and the diagnosis carried out... but in summary

Differential Pressure pipes blocked. = cost of new parts 30 quid (roughly) fitment by toyota delaer 600 quid... :no:

plus they found the EGR slightly open, (cleaned ok) , and the manifold was dirty, (200 quid to clean up) potentially affecting the MAF ( as could be expected from a 160k car...)

Running a forced re-gen bypassing the pressure sensor causes a full regen and the core getting to temperature. and diagnostics indicates "normal", but as soon as it need uses the pressure sensor signal it forces an error.

So i need to replace the pipes... Dealer unwilling to blow air and try and de-clog the pipes, as a carbon deposit "might drop into DPC , and when regenning this might superheat this carbon deposit" and cause damage to the core (allegedly) , I am not sure this would be the case, but this is not an approved toyota repair, so i guess they would not be willing to do it... anyway...

Removal and refit of DPF 3.5 hours ( not like avensis 9 hours, with subframe removal!!!) so yes 4 hours seems right.

So , DPF is not blocked, just the pressure pipes are blocked, The DPF cleaners only work with gas flow, so if the dpf was clogged they would have helped but in this case they will not unblock the pipe...

Time to look at friendly local mechanics to do the job cheaper than toyota. I have the full instructions etc... so should be a piece of cake.

If i was to go down the path of a full DPF replacement, cost of DPF 890 quid roughly, plus pipes etc... work on 1000 quid plus 3.5 hours fitment , circa 1500 fitted.

This aligns with the findings from Auristi, where the DPF cleaning did not resolve the problem... (perhaps the pipes on yours are also clogged.) The coventry dealer also reckoned that "9 out of 10" you replace the pipes and they are fine... so i think i am getting very close to a full solution to my issue...


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