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Any Advice For A Newbie?

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Hello All,

I'm picking up my Rav4.2 tomorrow and having never driven a permanent 4x4 (apart from

the test drive) I wonder if there's any particular advice any of you more seasoned members

would consider worthwhile sharing.

I'm changing from an Audt TT Quattro but I don't think I ever had occasion for the 4 wheel system

to kick in on that as I'm quite a sensible driver and only ever gave it some beans on the motorway,


Particularly in view of the current weather should I expect to feel any obvious difference in how

the Rav system operates versus the Tt?

Any advice/tips would be appreciated.

Many thanks,


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You won't have to do anything at all, Phil.....but after that Audi buttock scraper, may I respectfully suggest pills for altitude sickness.....?

Seriously mate.....just drive it and feel the safety.....hopefully on some snow right away and you will get that superiority complex as you pass the likes of those wee Q7 things spinning their wheels on gradients. lol.

You have bought a petrol 4.2 as we know them on here.......bombproof build....enjoy min, and many welcomes t'club of us nutters.

Big Kev

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"Audi buttock scraper"....too true!

Thanks for the advice guys (and the welcome, Kevin).

Just a couple of hours to go. Picking her up at 2pm so time

for a play before it gets dark. I hate waiting.

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You'll enjoy the better vision fro being that bit higher up.

I have found that the RAV is able to go around roundabouts on 2 wheels without tipping, and still coming out the other end unscathed. Polis don't seem to bother as they wait for Audis and BMWs trying to do the same....

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