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Should I But An Avensis Diesel 2007 /08

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Its perhaps a daft question to ask on this forum, but should I buy an Avensis Diesel 2007 /08 ?

Yes I know it’s the change over period between the 2nd and 3rd generations.

That is a question in itself.

Some reviews I have read on the net seem to indicate that the Avensis is a bit of a pudding around corners, the handling isn’t inspiring but ok for motorways dual carriageways.

Is this true ?

Also that the diesel isn’t that economic, and the normal mid power acceleration you get from a diesel isn’t there !

Is this true ?

What do folks think about the 2nd and 3rd generations differences ?

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Haven't driven a T27 but I am told that the petrol is a more fun drive due to less weight over the front wheels.

As for the T25 certainly the 2.2D Tourer isn't the keenest handling car found country lane corners but it does have a good ride & eats motorway/dual carriageway miles.

I reckoned on averaging 42-45mpg overall & I don't have the lightest of feet ... is that good enough for you? However, if you want good mpg I suggest that you don't buy a T180.

If you have a RAV you probably already know about the potential head gasket issue & also Toyota's extended warranty to cover it?

It has traction control which is possibly one reason that people don't find it that fast accelerating in lower gears (that & the slightly notchy 1st & 2nd changes) but you can turn that off if you really want. It also learns how you drive & throttle response is set up so that you really have to have the pedal far down if you want full power.

Do you really want/need a diesel? If you are doing only average mileage & planning to keep the car for many years then it may well be cheaper overall to run a petrol despite higher fuel cost.

& if you can afford it, if you buy a June 2010 car or younger it'll still be under the remainder of it's 5 year/100000 mile warranty.

But would I buy another Avensis? Yes.

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