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Toyota 2E 1.3L 12 Valve + R1 Carbs =?

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Hey guys

I would just like to know if it would be possible to fit and tune a set of Yamaha R1 carbs onto a @e Toyota engine?

The reason wanna use these carbs is coz i can get them for really cheap and i thought it would be a fun project.

I have a friend that can make the manifold for me, and my fathers friend is a very skilled mechanic that could do the tuning for me.

I have seen online people putting them in 1.3L Golfs and even a youtube video of a Corolla 1.3l 2E. But they are usually put on 1.6l engines as far as i know.

So would this be possible?

And what else would i have to do to get it working besides tuning and making a manifold?

Thanks in advance!

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