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Rattling Noise In Corolla / Avensis Intake Manifold Solved

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Think this thread will help folk cure the manifold rattling noise problem if they get it.


I haven't got this problem yet Oldcodger...touch wood...but my lord did it drive me insane on the old Avensis...excellent job with the link...sure it will help many of us for years to come! :driving:

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Hi  I fixed a rattle in a 2002 avensis airbox with 3 self tapping screws. Remove the airbox ,turn it over and  GENTLY  drill 3 x 3mm holes at approx 30 degrees. See photos .

This was only a guess as you cant see into the box properly. I then used 3 different self tappers,only because I if I used one type and it came loose I would have to do it all over again. They apparently go through the the broken part effectively re attaching it to the air box. Make sure no stray swarf gets into the box,use a hoover and shake it well.

This worked a treat and a year later its still nice and quiet. You could use more screws if you wish I suppose. Anyway it costs nothing but 40 mins time.See photos.

Good luck  hope this helps.




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On 1/21/2013 at 7:17 PM, lesz42 said:

had the issue above, used the latest "fix" just a single screw from above, works brill 🙂

Hi Guys. 
can you please guide me as to where to put a long screw from the top of the manifold, in order to do the fix without removing the intake manifold.

Many thanks in advance 

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