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P0136 Fault Code


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As above does anyone know what this code means eml light keeps coming on and off and is now doing my head in

Its a 55reg 2.0vvti d 4 70000 miles on clock with full toyota history

Also the car feels like its missfireing/holding back when cold as if it doesnt want to go

Cheers in advance


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Have you cleared (Erased) the codes? How long after does the Check Engine light come back on again? If it keeps showing with the same code, then a new O2 sensor is in order. Most likely the heater coil inside the sensor is no longer working. This heats the sensor quicker to make it respond as O2 sensors work when their hot and the exhaust, to get it into closed loop faster and the engine runs more efficiently.

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mine was doing the same ,kept sending it back to mr t and the fault kept re appearing.They said they replaced this while it was under warrenty but kept coming on.I am pretty sure they only cleared the fault and never replaced it while this was under warrenty.now they want to charge me for replacement as the warrenty as expired.Got a fault code reader and I now clear it myself about every 3 months.I keeps passing the mot so i think this may be a loose wire rather than a faulty sensor.

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You are passing the MOT because this O2 sensor is responsible with checking if the catalyst is doing a proper. The signal from this sensor (the second O2 sensor) is not taken into account by the ECU for any adjustments.

If you would have had a fault on the first O2 sensor than you wouldn`t have passed the MOT.

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