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Instrument Panel 'lights On' Symbol?

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Hi fellas, this is not life threatening but can you tell me if a 4.2 (54 plate) has the usual green 'lights on' symbol once the lights have been turned on? When I turn mine on the instrument dials, buttons, switches..etc light up amber but thats it? When I put my spotlamps (factory fitted) on, I then get a green light symbol come on on the instrument panel (under the center rpm dial)!

I don't think any of my previous cars did not have the green lamp symbol once the lights are turned on?

If this is indeed the case and it does'nt have this can someone explain why?

TIA, Steve

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Hi Steve,

I believe that the amber lighting is the equivalent of knowing your lights are on. I have a 2003 and that doesnt have a separate 'lights on" light. You Will get the green symbol for fog lights then blue for full beam. See attached image I took the other night of my dash at night.

Hope that helps. Lee


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Hi Steve,

Yes, you and Lee and quite right: No indication of 'lights on' (side or dipped head) except for the amber illumination of the instruments. Main beam and FF and RR fogs have their own indicators. If any lights are left on, you should get an audible beeping if a door is opened and engine is switched off.


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