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What Rear Lights Have I Got ?

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I ordered I second hand rear light for my 2000 X reg NRG swb Rav 4 mk2, it had the standard lights that all mk2 Rav 4s have.

Long story cut short but the breakers got in touch to say the light I wanted was damaged on close inspection, but they had another Rav 4 Mk2 just in.

This one was a 2003 model, the lights were slightly different in appearance but fitted just the same, they agreed to send me a pair for the pricelb_icon1.png of the one.

I now have them, yes they do look the same shape but they have a black plastic edge/frame to them that also runs between the diff lighting areas, ie indicator to back light etc.

They almost look like those cheap chrome plastic light gaurds, however these don't come off they are part of the light.

I have trawled the internet and I can see any thing similar.

What are they ?

Cheers Ian

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Not Being funny but you asked the same question on the RAV4WORLD site


and still haven't uploaded a picture for us to see and try to help you. We are happy to help but toyota only did to my knowledge chrome or black rear light protectors. These were stuck on. They may be aftermarket ones but I don't know of any 4.2's having fixed frames as "part of the light".

Post a picture!!



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Hi thanks for your reply Lee and you are correct I have asked this question before.

I have just taken a couple of photos and will try to upload them, however on very close inspection the black frames are an addition piece just tightly and very securly fixed to the lights.

I could therfore assume that they are covers/guards but I have not seen them available in black.

Cheers Ian

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Hi Ian,

Yes they are the Toyota ones. Same as mine...but in black. I too haven't seen many in black but they look good though.

They are stuck on with double sided tape and if you want them off just get a hairdryer/heat gun gently warm them, then pull off and clean up stickyness with cleaning alcohol/wd40.


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Many thanks Lee, mystery solved.

I won't be removing them unless they get damaged, looking at yours, the 'genuine Mr T' Chrome ones look good, I have seen some very cheap nasty ones on fleebay from Hong Kong.

Enjoy the snow


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Thanks Ian,

Yes - to anyone going for cheap chromed plastic parts....DONT!! I had some a long time ago and they were only on there a short time before they started to bubble. I removed them and fitted the genuine ones which have been great and still in the same condition as when I fitted them over 6 years ago!!

Glad to help solve the mystery.

Cheers, Lee

(PS: there are a few more photos here http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=58311&st=1210#entry1250066 that I added recently if you want to see some other "Mr.T" genuine accessories!!)

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