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T-180.. No Power At Low Rpm

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Dear Friends

It has been three months now,the torque does not start up until 1800-2000rpm when i am on an uphill,and if it starts, it accelerates violently.

Example.I 'm on an uphill i have second gear and 1200-1500 rpm ,i press on the gas and nothing happens then i have to shift in to 1st.

Also if i'm beeing stoped on an uphill in traffic,again problem.It will not go unless it has 2000rpm.

The town i live is an uphill and a down hill.

It has all the power after 2000rpm same like when i bought it 130000km ago.

This was not happening in the past.In the past at 1100rpm it would fly.

We have cleaned th EGR and changed th CAT one and a half year ago.

A month ago the mechanic at Toyota changed the pump which is located under the diesel filter but without any result.

Would it be turbine failure? Would it be that the car is getting old?

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No your car is quite serviceable. I think you will find your EGR is stuck open again. Ask your mechanic to block of the pipe where it joins to the engine by using a thin plate made from stainless steel or sheet metal.



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Thank you Don.

Sorry i think i don't understand.

We have to open and clean the EGR and then block of the pipe where it joins to the engine,permanetly?




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You can clean the EGR but blocking it off will take it out of the system so that it doesn't cause any problems if it should stick again.

Many have done this on various vehicles.

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Yeah don't bother with the EGR. To take it out of the equation, block the pipe. It will run quite happily without it but if you prove that is the cause you can decide if you want to have another go. Sometimes you have to take the valve right to bits in order to successfully clean it. The symptoms you describe are spot on for a partially open valve - absolutely no power at low revs.

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Two days ago i was at the toyota dealership to change a valve(swtch) which has to do with the break lights(i haven't mention that).

It was early in the morning so only the manager was there.I asked him if they have cleaned any EGR lately, because the man that did mine one and a half year ago has left the that company.He said that they have done a taxi not too long ago.He asked me if i wanted mine to be cleaned.I told him NO i don't.

In the afternoon i went to pick up the car.The manager said that the mechanic took it for a ride and said that the car was not going.

So we cleaned the EGR and another valve that was clogged he said.

About blocking it he said that i'm gonna have to speak with the mechanic which i will do.

Now everything is back to normal.

Thank you for your interest.

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I just had the same problem with my Avensis 2.2 D-Cat 177 HP. I just blocked a pipe by inserting an aluminium plate and it works like a charm now.

EGR valve was partially open, when I tried to clean it I could see through it. I've had problems with this EGR few times earlier, it either stuck open or it was dirty and clogged, but service guys just cleaned it and said it was OK then. And it was OK until few days ago.

Many people have problems with EGR on many brands, not only Toyota.

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