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Whats The Best Way To Diagnose A Blown Head Gasket ?

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D4-D T180 79K miles on the clock and fast approaching the 7yr/112K extended warranty

Car going in for a service next moth at a main Toyota dealer (as usual). I want them to test for early stages of Head Gasket failure (no symptoms......yet).

Would you ask them to do a `Sniff Test` ?

How likely would this be to pick up early stages of possible head gasket failure ?

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first sign i had was the thermostatic fan staying on slighty longer than normal,not muchof a clue but if you know to look for it..........

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Sniff tests are pretty reliable from what I know. But I must confess; Im no expert.

When I go to buy a car, after the test drive I check the inside of the Oil filler cap on the engine. Any white marks means head gasket failure. Thats a pretty standard test but I dont know if its any good at detecting the early stages of a head gasket on its way out.

All the best mate.

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