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Difficult To Change The Orginal Stereo With A More Fancy One?

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It's a 2007 model. It hasn't mp3 support, or usb-connection. I would like to change it. Is it possible to install an old size stereo, or do I have to install the modern big ones? This one for an old size stero? http://www.ebay.com/...=item3cc91dfa5a Very helpful video for how to remove the old one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soyAXAfLxG8

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It is really easy to change the factory unit out.

i have just done mine with the same facia panel you are looking at.

the only thing you will have to do is adjust the depth of the retaining lugs as they are not deep enough and you will need to get a loom adaptor so you can use the controls on your steering wheel.

If you need any help drop me a note.

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I have changed mine and it is a really easy job. Just remove the fascia around the radio, and then it is 4 10mm (if I remember, could be 12mm) screws that hold the radio bracket in, then it just slides out. I can get a step by step if you like.

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