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Im considering buying an old carina off my uncle, he bought it off an other uncle so his son could learn to drive around the farm, but as is the way with young ones he is more interested in playing on an Xbox, so i offered to buy the carina.

Its a 1997 2.0 Turbo Diesel with 217,000miles. With a few issues:

- no handbrake

- the gearbox has to be wrestled to get into gear

- a rust hole in the rear wheel arch:



- the windscreen needs to be replaced:


- filthy interior, though a set of seat covers and steam clean the carpet could sort that out

- the interior heater doesnt produce any heat, it blows air but it doesnt blow any warm air, and it also doesnt seem to engage into the face vent position the dial gets jammed

I also need a Battery, but on the plus side the engine runs quite nicely when its started, i gave it a quick wash today and it cleaned up quite well:


I have access to another two carina non turbo diesels, would the gearbox off a non turbo fit a turbo engine?

How serious is the hole in the wheelarch, the rest of the car seems ok, im going to get under it tommorow for a proper look but the sills etc seem solid.

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I went in for a closer inspection on the rust, got the jack and pumped it up under the car, and the jack went up, the car stayed where it was and only produced the noise similar to walking on corn flakes, the jacking point just collapsed it was that rusty, both rear points were the same.

The car would have needed the rear sills cut out and good ones welded in, i hate bodywork so i just sold the car on got £275 for it, and the buyer was happy to have got a carina, they seem to be getting rare now.

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