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Fuel Tank Sensor/float

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Hi everyone,

Noticed that my fuel gauge isn't the most reliable at times, reads a quarter more than what is actually in the tank i've been relying on the trip computer to tell me how many miles i've done before the needle hits the bottom. I've spoke to my dad about it, he thinks i've got a dodgy sensor or float, but the manual doesn't state which one my Corolla has.

Does anyone know if a 1999 Corolla Gls 1.6 has a sensor or a float, and how easy would it be to replace it or will i just have to rely on the trip computer?

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Kristy, look at the link to Petrol Filter where is it at the top of the Corolla Forum page, sure this is the same as the 2001 model. There is a PDF diagram of the filter.

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