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Secondary Air Injection Motor

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recently my check engine light came on, and using my odb2 scanner turns out its the secondary air injection motor,

having read a few topics about a new one costing £800 and the car only being worth £2500 max and not really needing this motor, i thought ill just delete the fault (and unplug the motor) when it occurs every week or so,

I have eventually got fed up with this now and thought ill get one of ebay or a breakers anway one of a celica on ebay was £300 another of the scrapyard that sold me the exploding driveshaft £120 (toyota breaker pimhole fold bury still avoid like the plague) so i thought ill take it apart and have a look

the result a new bearing


and some solder to solder the wires back on,

all fixed and working again for under a fiver,

I have rung toyota this morning to get an accurate price and they said £169 + vat a lot less than the £800 that i found on the net and a lot less than the £300 for a second hand one,

but at a fiver i'm more than happy although 3 of the 4 bolts that hold the cover on did shear but we have a press drill where i work so i drilled them out and put nuts and bolts straight through.

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I am amazed people do not contact a dealer first to get a starting point on prices. The dealer gets called a stealer but have you seen some of the prices charged by so called experts and factors?

Kingo :thumbsup:

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I am amazed people do not contact a dealer first to get a starting point on prices. The dealer gets called a stealer but have you seen some of the prices charged by so called experts and factors?

Kingo :thumbsup:

i usually do :king: espicially afer buying all the service parts there last time (plugs, Oil, Oil filter, sump bolt washer, air filter, fuel filter expected to pay way more than i did),but i still knew it wouldn't be a cheap part that's why i took it to bits first, and once it was on the bench took the cover of where the fan is, tried spinning it by hand could see it was catching when it was turning, i then connected it to a Battery, it made a right noise bumping and jumping on the bench, put it on the bench with a Battery after the new bearing is in an all smooth :D

like when the exhaust rusted through 275 for a back box 1200 for the other bit plus vat stainless made and fitted cat back 300 quid

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May be parts king can confirm price of secondary air pump but i just rung my dealer and was told £800 and i identified it to make sure it was the right part.so i think they have quoted u for another part in the system .

Might follow the same route as u.did the pump split apart ok.

they did struggle to find it had to tell them where it was if im passing one day might call in so i can show it them on the screen my local dealer is rrg in rochdale where we got the car from.

the pump was a bit of a pain as i said 3 of the 8mm nuts sheared, i would think if you spray loads of wd40 fown the holes at the other end(mine had that much white corrision on it it looked like they didnt go right through) and use heat it would seperate ok, i used smaller allen capped bolts and nuts to put back together( i had to shave the sides if the allen cap on a grinding wheel so they sat flush on the casing),

I drilled the broken nuts out from the rear with a 4mm on a press drill at work,

then trying to get the shaft of it actually sheared nice and straight though right behind the fan, with this of i took the fan housing of 3 screws and manage to push the shaft out through another collar and the knackered bearing, (think if i'd of waited and used a bearing press at work it would have come out in one peice)

this left all the brushes in etc, managed to disconnect the 2 wires to the brushes and undo the 2 7mm nuts and all the electrics will pop out to reveal the bearing,

i measured the bearing with a caliper gauge it 8mm bore x 19mm diameter x 6mm width,

whilst waiting for the new bearing to be delivered i drilled both bits of the shaft (straight through the little bit with the fan and about 20mm down the big bit) with the same 4mm drill on the press drill so it went nice and straight, and put a thread in the big bit with tap and die set.

also i cleaned up both halves of the casings painted one side red(because i had no silver lol) and the back half black

when the bearing arrived it just tapped into place put the electrics back in with a little black plate that goes in first screwed them down and soldered the wires back on, placed the shaft through the brushes tapped it through the bearing, used some gasket sealant to whilst putting the casing back together,

when all this was back together tested it with a Battery all smooth put the collar back on then the fan casing, the screwed the buts of the shaft with the fan on back together using loads of thread lock ( i also ground down the top of the shaft after the drilling to make room for the new bolt and washer so the top of the fan casing will fit.

tested again with a Battery all fine and turning smoothly,

its now been on the car nearly a week with no probs, so hopefully last a long time lol, as it was already broke i thought why not take it apart.......

whilst i was searching for a 2nd hand one i did just put secondary air injection motor on ebay and you can get some vw etc ones really cheap (£20-£30) that look very similar, and at the price of a toyota one was going to take a punt and make a bracket to fit one of them and see if they work.

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I took the bumper of and joined the 2 pipes together and put the bumper back on a drive the car around whilst I tinkered with it, just wish I'd took some pics of it whilst i was doing it but does take a while fiddling.

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