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2005 2.0Vvt-I P0420 Engine Management Light, Vsc & Trc

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ooh, that sounds familiar :( I must admit I can't really help you much but I feel your pain.

A year ago I had both sensors and the cat replaced (because the presvious owner had driven it like that for years and it had incinerated the cat). It took mine a couple of thousand miles before the lights came on again. I took it to another mechanic who reset it and drove it for about 120 miles and claimed the car fixed but soon afterwards I had the lights on again. On to yet another mechanic who spotted that two injectors were kerplunked (which the first three, including Toyota, failed to notice). They were reconditioned, along with another new cat (it wasn't toast but it'd seen better days...) but now it turns out the upper air/fuel sensor is intermittant, and the guy needed me to get another one of these before he could carry on the diagnosis, however, seeing as how we were coming to winter propper, I had no choice but to drive it. It goes for about 20 miles before I have to reset it all again, I've been told I won't destroy the last cat because it's a metal sports one but I have my doubts.

Sorry I can't be much help, I hope you have more luck with yours though. I have a feeling the 5th mechanic mine goes to will be me with a sledgehammer.

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  • 2 years later...

Got same error code after changing an oxygen sensor(110 000 km).

Only P0420 is shown.

Also the test that failed is TID01CID01 saying

Max Limit: 128

Test Value: 148

Does anyone any ideea what can cause this?

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