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Aygo Regassed - Big Improvement

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I thought the A/C on my 09 Aygo Blue was a bit feeble on the coldest setting. It didn't seem to be all that cold. I haven't had a car with A/C before so I wasn't really that sure sure of what performance to expect. On the other hand, I've been a passenger in cars with A/C and they seemed to be a lot colder.

The car is just over 3 years old and bought secondhand recently. There was nothing to indicate if or when the A/C had been regassed so I got the job done by a mobile company on Monday. I paid for a service and not just the regas. According to the engineer that was still some gas left in the system but not a lot. He removed the residual gas and vacuumed the system out before adding dye, lube & R134A gas.

I have to say things are much improved. On the coldest setting I get a good blast of really cold air. According to the invoice/job sheet the output is 1.4 degrees C. Unfortunately there wasn't a note made of what it was before hand. The enginneer recommended that the system is checked/regassed at least every 2 years.


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LIKE: You'll be glad of that when/if summer arrives.

I bought my Aygo new in 2006 and the air con works fine (shame I can't say the same for the Peugeot which I also drive) when needed but, if it ever seems feeble, I'll be sure to get it looked at. Waht did the mobile company charge?

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