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Turn Key Nothing

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Hi all,

Just purchased a 2010 Verso 1.6 TR manual 6 speed, very happy so far except:

Sometimes when we put the key in the ignition and turn the key "nothing" all dash lights on but no start.

Penny for anyones thoughts.

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I have that with my car, its something to do with the interference of abs or something and the alarm.

I find pressing the alarm button so it unlocks, then turning the key, fires up the engine.

May not be relative to your car, but its worth a shot.

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Sounds like a dodgy safety switch. On an automatic, there is a safety switch that only allows starting in Park and Neutral. In that case, wiggling the shift lever or shifting to Neutral often allows it to start. With a manual gearbox, the switch is on the clutch pedal lever.

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Thanks to everyone who replied, never would have occurred to me that I have to depress the clutch pedal to start the car.

Since buying it I must have depressed the clutch on most occasions without realising, but not every time!

Any other quirks I should be aware of.

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