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Happy Birthday Chatman

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Awribest, Chatterz min......how's yer exhaust pipe trim ye recommended a couple of years ago....? Mine busted to ruggery, so traded car in for a new wan.....lol.

Big Kev :


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He'll be up the manor tending the venison (on his bike).

Have a good'n Jamie.

Have aways found venison a bit deer......

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Hi all :clap: :clap: :clap: Yep I'm still about and the RAV is still going (although it hates these -9 mornings :blowup: ) thanks for all the birthday wishes much appreciated..

Mountain Biking is still a big part of my spare time (well most of it) this cold weather makes it fun and hard all in the same time.. went out last sunday in snow storm and had best fun this year so far..

Work is hectic at moment so time on line is rare during working hours.. (The internet police are clamping down on activity.. :hammer: :hammer: ) so sneak on during lunch break sometimes for a looksy...

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