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Rav4 D-4D Lumpy At 2000Rpm, No Warning Lights

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My 2007 D-4D RAV4 has started becoming lumpy when I accelerate to 2000rpm. It feels like someone is tapping the brakes slightly every half second or so. It's smooth when I drop the revs back down.

I had this once before at 62k miles and a new fuel filter at the main dealer fixed the problem. The car is now at 78k miles - surely it can't be the fuel filter again? At about 76k miles I had to have the EGR valve de-coked due to a P0400 code but it has been OK until this week. My average MPG over the last year was close to 49mpg but since the EGR valve issue has been about 42mpg. I can't get it above that no matter how I drive.

I do fill up at supermarkets and so am aware of some opinions on fuel quality.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Always start with the basics (and cheapest) Diesels do not like air leaks / water / filter blocked

I would start with a new fuel filter, it may have trapped water in the bottom, then try it again. You may benefit from a diesel engine cleaner such as BG244 in it too

Kingo :thumbsup:

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the fuel filter condition always depends on what fuel he filters

when filter is clogged -- the 1st feelings are an engine hard vibration as short of fuel.

you can check with drain plug what is inside + check if an air is still inside as well.


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