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Fuel Filter - Bleed!

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Does anyone know how to bleed the Fuel Filter to remove build-up of water (cheap fuel),

before anyone comes on berating me for using supermarket fuel, I 95% of the time use Shell

diesel or V Power, so go figure!

I was advised that bleeding the filter was possible and to do this as a first measure if I ever had

any problems with the car hesitating, before going on to replace the filter.

Bye-the-way, I have already replaced said filter and the car is now performing as normal.

I didn’t know there was a bleed (nipple/screw) or whatever on it!

Or was the chap talking through his posterior :jester:

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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If you suspect water has or is in the filter change it.. It really is a simple job and cost is minimal...

I realize you've changed it once but still worth changing if any indication of water ..

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Your caring sharing TOC has a 4.2 filter thread;


To drain the fuel filter of water you slacken the plug in the white bit at the bottom but you would get a warning light as there is a float switch in there. I doubt you would ever benefit from pumping the plunger unless there was air in the system.

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