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Rav4 2013 / Mitsibushi Outlander

Nigebob Squarepants

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The original comparison was on how the cars looked! because no one can have driven them yet.

If a car looks ugly then I don’t think I would want to buy it, even if it drove great.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…… I believe!

Absolutely Nige.....all to do with aesthetics.....we like what we see, so we buy it.....so you must have inherited that dug......?

Oany kiddin'.....would have one tomorrow....."too big" says mother in law's daughter......neighbour years ago had one, which became hyper when it heard the ice cream van jingle, so owner let it out, not realising the link. The bgr stole 3 cones at a time from terrified weans.....!!!!! If we didn't have money for a cone (yeah.....coronet south of Gretna.....), we went to his door and just claimed his dug had done the usual. He started to click to us when he or the dug hadn't heard the van's jingle.....

Big Kev

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