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Space Saver Wheel For 16 Inch Wheels

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Hi all 2010 1.6 verso with 16 inch alloys,

If anyone has a verso with 16 inch alloys can they have a look and see what size space saver wheel is in their boot.

I am attempting to locate a spare wheel for my verso but the manual that came with the car appears to have a typo with regard to the tyre size.

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It will be fitted with a 17 x 4" space saver steel wheel & 145/70/17 space saver tyre, this is the only size that will fit in a 7 seat Verso. Even though it is a 17" wheel its rolling diameter is the same as your Verso with 16" wheels.


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I hoped this wouldn't be the answer, this particular tyre is proving impossible to locate, the rim I can buy from Toyota but the tyre is just not stocked.

On ebay there is a 185 65 R15 space saver that is claimed to come off a 2011 verso!

Penny for your thoughts


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Looking on the Toyota parts catalogue there are only two choices the aforementioned 17" space saver or a full size steel wheel of 16x6,5" using a 205/60/16 but this only fits 5 seat models without underfloor storage.

The 185/65/15 appears to fit a Verso-s without alloy wheels but as a road wheel not a spare as even the Verso-s has a space saver spare


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On a related topic,I did a scotland trip late last year at shortish notice and was concerned about being out in the middle of nowhere and relying on the 'spacesaver' spare.

I went to my local scrappy and bought a steel wheel to use as a spare,takes up a fair bit of space but by adjusting the rear seats forward there is loads of room in the back.

Caution...if anybody does consider this option always trial fit the wheel on the front axle to ensure it fits and with correct PCD and offset,I think my new spare came from a nissan...we were surprised to find that (say) an avensis wheel had different PCD.

rgds baz

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I have a 2011, 7 seat Verso with the same 16 inch wheels.

I contacted Toyota as I also want a spacesaver wheel.

I was told there is no wheel listed for the Verso but one for the Avensis which may fit.

I don't suppose you have the part numbers for the spacesaver rim, tyre and clamp do you?

Also I notice you too are in Lancashire, could you tell me which dealer you bought them from too.



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Now depending on the Toyota dealer you may get the following responses:

1: There isn't one listed.

2: We can't supply one as it didn't come with the car.

3: Not a problem, can get you one in 3 days but the tyre will be a slight problem to get hold of but leave it to us.

These were the responses from 3 different Toyota dealers!

I had the same type of responses when I asked about fiting parking sensors!

Not good and the price of the sensor kit varied immensley for the same genune Toyota part!

Can't put my hand to the receipt at the moment but if you give Bateman Toyota a ring and speak to Simon or Ian they will know exactly what you need.

Total cost was £145 ish.

Oh and to fit in the spare wheel well:

1:Lift the 3rd row of seats

2: Lift the rear hatch to access the well

3: Remove the grey trim peice that covers the back of the 3rd row of seats (you need to remove the black retaining clip in the centre)

4: Pull out the blanking nylon plug in the floor.

5: Get the wheel the correct way round (important this as it is a very tight fit and is awkward to get out when upside down)

6: Slide in the wheel but be prepared to pull the carpet back as it will slide towards the front of the car and you can't locate the locking clamp screw thread in the hole.

Hope this helps, will look for the receipt but give them a ring and they will definately help you out.

Note: Its the tyre thats the problem to get hold of.


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22 hours ago, Kamzi said:

Hi, can i use 125/70/17 as a spare wheel on a Toyota verso 2011 2 litre diesel?

No its too small, you need a 145/70/17

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