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Airbag Sensors

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hello i own a 54 plate celica 1.8 blue. Had a small accident and unfortunately have to replace passenger airbag, drivers airbag and both front seatbelts. Have located replacement airbags and installation appears straightforward (hopefully). My question is what sensors do i need to replace under the bonnet? Any information/advice on part nos and location/fitting guide for these airbag sensors would be greatly appreciated.

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If I remember correctly, the sensors are located either side of the radiator, i'm sure they can be accessed from above without needing to remove bumper.

I'm in the garage working on my car today, so i'll try and get some pics up for you later on this afternoon or this evening.

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Here you go

These pics are the passenger side, you should be able to work out where it is from my pics, it's the yellow and black box.


heres a pic from further out so you can trace the location, it's in the middle at the bottom of the pic


for the drivers side it's in the same place, but couldn't get a pic as I didn't have time to remove engine plastics, but easy to find.

They have clips and are connected by 2 bolts so very easy to change. You should be able to use second hand parts. If you go over to celica-club.co.uk and look for a member called AMS, he is a breaker and has a very good rep on the club, he will sort you out.

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Someone I know has a Greddy fitted and only pushing out around 240BHP, he took me for a spin in it and it doesn't half push you back in your seat when he floored it.

But even that is a little too much power, wheel hop in the damp not good for the gearbox.

Could go rotrex but they have even more power again, so would be worse.

Not really about the speed for me, just want a bit more grunt but nothing that will give me too much trouble.

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