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T27 Saloon -Water In Boot

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I've recently got an 09 Avensis saloon and discovered the spare wheel compartment had a quarter inch of water in it. On further investigation I found the water to be coming from the o/s rear corner. After removing the relevant insulation/trim panels I found the complete inside of the metal quarter panel to be covered in condensation, rather than a leaky area or light cluster seal etc. The vent isn't blocked.

Any suggestions welcome.


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Two known issues on T27 Avensis :

1. The rear 1/4 panel vent seals spilt in behind the bumper, you will have to remove the bumper to access them


2. The rear lamp lens's are known to crack and allow water in.


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Thanks for the reply. The vent was loose and chattering against the metalwork a bit. It looked like it should've had a rubber seal or something around it so I used some sticky foam filler tape and it is now tight and reasonably well sealed. Perhaps I should source the correct seal and go from there.

Thanks again.

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I will use the topic to ask similar question:

Is there similar issue for 2006/ T25 Avensis? I mean humidity inside the car is too big. When outside is cold the windows get very steamy particularly rear door one (liftback) comparing to other cars around mine.

I looked everywhere inside the car and car boot but didn't find any moisture/leakage or condense. I putted hygrometer inside the boot and always the humidity is about 75% which I think is too high...

Any ideas...

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Sorry it took so long to report back but you were correct Devon Aygo, water ingress was from the vents behind the bumper. It's been completely dry for a couple of months now.

Thanks again.

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