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Slight Rhythmic Hum Vibration From Rear Of Car. Anyone? Sr180

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My SR180 goes back to the dealer this coming week because I'm certain I can hear a very slight rythmic hum from somewhere on the rear of the car. I've had this before when it's been either wheel bearings (but that normally increases in intensity when turning one particular way) or a dodgy tyre. Mine are Dunlop Sport Pilots and I don't expect any trouble from them. The ones that made the same noise albeit louder were some really really really really cheap Chinese brand fitted to a pool car at work. Kung Pao or something :lol:

This hum increases with road speed although at present it is quite faint. I'm going to be driving into Germany in under a month's time with one of my daughters sitting in the back seats and I'm pretty certain this is going to P her off big time if I don't get it resolved.

Anybody had anything similar?

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i had the same when i first got my sr 180 , previous owner had fitted " full run " tyres although quiet new i replaced them for uniroyal rain sport and problem disappeared

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