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Hi. Just An Introductory Hello! (Ke70)

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I have just signed up for an account so this is just a little hello. I see there is an introductions section on the main page but I though here in the classic section would be more relavent. I generally use the Retro-rides forum but am trying to branch out a little to find out more about my car and how to get spare parts etc.

I have an 1982 KE70 Coupe in LHD from Greece. I believe the coupe body was only sold as the TE72 in the UK but this was a 1.3 '4K' series engine model. It currently has a 1.5 '5K' Engine. It's in good solid condition but is showing its age in many ways.

I got it about a year and a half ago, I documented the trip to get it quite thoroughly on the Retro Rides forum, you might like to take a look here... http://retrorides.pr...d=113910&page=1

and I have a 'readers rides' thread aswell that I update from time to time... http://retrorides.pr...d=114380&page=1

If I could get some replacement parts I would like to tidy it up and would love to do a bare Shell restoration one day, but for now just gettting it tidier would be nice.

Its currently MOT'd but is SORN in a garage while the weather is poor.

Feel free to ask if I have missed anything you would like to know, it would be great to get in touch with some classic toyota folk.

Cheers, Steve.

Ps. Have a picture from its first drive with UK registration...


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I had a 1980 one of these back in the 80s. Smashing car, wish I still had it. She was badged as a corolla SR and if I remember correctly it had the 1.6 18R engine fitted. Seem to remember I had to fit a replacement Oil pump to it, oh and the front edge of the bonnet rotted away and it wasn't that old. If yours is still good pump some rust preventor in there. Sorry just noticed yours is a DX, they probably had the same engine though.

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