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Whining Sound When Releasing Clutch

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Just bought a 60 plate 2.0 d4d tr.

I am hearing a whining sound when I release the clutch to move between the lower gears which has me worrying about the turbo. I dont notice the sound in higher gears but put that down to slower changes and more general noise. Car has done 49k and was purchases from Toyota main dealer.

My previous 2005 d4d 2.0 never made such a sound.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Thanks for reply Sam,

Dont know much about the centre bearing but it does sound like turbo whine to me. If it is as you say I am not happy to just ignore it, I do lots of miles and dont want to be worrying about this unusual sound all the time.

Thanks again,


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Took the car back to main dealer and he told me the sound was normal and coming from the turbo exhaust gate or something similar.

I had 2 previous d4d and no sound like this and have now driven 3 other new model d4d and only 1 showed a similar noise and barelt noticeable.

I can hear this whining almost constantly when accelerating and honestly it is ruining my experience of this car.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

car is registered november 2010. D4D TR.

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usually only hear wastegate/turbo whistle with a performance panel filter or decat

is the airbox clipped together properly

if toyota said its ok you and have record its been in and checked then i would be fine with that

theres probably different versions of the same engine

i.e 130bhp 150 bhp etc and the turbo map ( electrically controlled wastegate) or wastegate diaphragm pressures( mechanically controled) will be slightly different and what you think is the same model may appear diff

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why would the waste gate open as the o/p relased the clutch surly the turbo would be spooling up as he would be accelerating and waste gate would only opebn as he let off the throttle....not trying to argue just learn??

if i was a betting man i would say it was ya release/thrust bearing. some garages do the replace the frictionplate with out doing the rest then when the bearing goes they got to do it all again.


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because releasing the clutch moving between lower gears sounds to me as if hes driving and not just sitting idle working the clutch which would be an obvious release bearing or gearbox input shaft bearing

i dont think its a wastegate dump noise as this is a woosh when under partial load or hitting full boost mainly

but a worn turbo will whine and as the tolerances are so fine the inducer on the compressor side can rub the compressor housing as i have seen ( i have rebuilt turbos ) when the thrust or either floating or roller bearings have wear.

this whine/whistlenoise can escape through through the dump valve or wastegate when it opens/partially opens or can be heard through inlet or exhaust especially if derestricted

i and others commonly refer to the noise as its like a police siren in the back ground if this makes sense

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Thank you, Yes it is a little like a police siren in the background and it is most obvious when changing uo, ie when the clutch is depressed ready to engage a higher gear. It can also be heard however if you press and release the accelerator.

As mentioned previously this is spoiling my experience of an otherwise great car.

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