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Water In Passenger Footwell- 2001 Verso

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After heavy rain, water builds up in the passenger footwell,I can't work out how it's getting in.

I've taken out the glovebox stripped back the carpet and it seems to be coming from the left hand side just below side window level below the dash,above where a cluster of electrical connections sit.

The door and window seals look okay.

Is there a drain that can get blocked anywhere in that area that takes water runoff from where the wipermotors sit ?

Any suggestion where else I can look please?




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Update in case anyone has the same problem:

Well it turned out water was getting in where the roof bar strut meets the roof,the front one,passenger side.

Water was tracking down the roof inside then into the door frame surround and collecting in the footwell.

Some time with an assistant directing a hose and we found the leaky location, some black sealant around the joint fixed the problem.

There is a rubber seal which wasn't sealing that has either moved or perished over time.

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