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Advice - Aygo + Automatic

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I'm looking to buy a new Augo + to replace my 10 year-old Yaris MMT. I just wondered if anyone could give me any feedback, particularly with regards the gearbox and reliability (although I guess the 5-year warranty would cover any problems with the gearbox)? 5 years peace of mind is a big selling point (the gearbox on the Yaris went a few years agao and cost me £1500).

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We have a Yaris diesel MMT (but a later one than yours, about 4 yo) and an Aygo MMT (1 yo). The Aygo is pretty horrible TBO. The car is very basic and flimsy/cheap feeling compared to the Yaris and the MMT is much less capable.

It could in part be the diesel engine in the Yaris, but the Aygo MMT seems to be very lacking in brains. In 30 years driving automatics of all types (DAF, Ford and Nissan CVTs, many Borg-Warner types and a Vauxhall and these two Toyota MMTs) the Aygo is the first box I routinely have to put in manual to poke it into the 'sensible' gear (with the exception of low gear for long hill descents). Every other box I've had has responded to a little tweak of the throttle to get it to shift if it hasn't done it itself, but the Aygo seems to just ignores me. Then at other times it'll change just when you don't want it to :boxed: . Eg. you go round a corner and it's in second, and as you give it a little more throttle to accelerate again ... it does a leisurely change up to third and you either have to wait a minute for the speed to rise or give it welly to force it down to second again (or put it in M).

I really wish now that I'd spent a bit more for a better new car, or the same for a decent 2nd hand Yaris. But I only test drove a manual Aygo - thought the MMT would be the same as the Yaris. Ho hum.

So my advice is to get an extended test drive in an Aygo MMT demonstrator to see if you are happy with it's little idiosyncracies. Or maybe your style of driving will suit it better than mine.

Oh yes, it also lacks the wider brake pedal all other autos have - again it'll depend on your way of driving but I find that a nuisance.

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