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Gwarning (Good Morning?)

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hey hey chaps, just joined up here to show you lot my car which is an AE92 Corolla Gti-16

well here it is when i started looking rather sorry for its self


and now well youll have to wait and see.

sonce ive had the car ive been chasing faults and getting stressed throwing parts around and getting angry with it lol

but ive done a fair amount including some of the following....

rebuilt full inlet

welded up both sills + rear quarters painted

full underbody restore including polybushing, rust proofing, new brake lines, new PAS rack

new radiator

wheels and tyres

new suspension (still needs adjustments)


still alot more to go this year though

such as

upgrading the brakes (japfest 2 the brakes cooked after 10 mins)

sort out the suspension.

and in the future i hope to get the car turbo'd and running between 250-300bhp but thats in the future!

ill be posting up a blog soon if i can find where for you lot to see the work thats gone into the car :)

hope to see more of everyone :)

i also had this before the corolla and still have it sitting in my garage


yes yes i know its a micra but i loved it :D it will become my daily again soon as i dont want the corolla to get battered with everyday use!

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HI Will and welcome to the club. your a busy guy.

Nothing wrong with a Micra,my daughter has a K12 one which i look after.Nice little car.

Managed to get official workshop manuel on a CD for it 2 quid deliverd. needed that after fitting new rear brake shoes to it.

You will get plenty of advice on the Corolla sub forum on here.

Good luck.

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