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Toyota Avensis Does Not Start

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I have a 2006 Avensis, recently, the car doesn't start in the morning. When I start the car, the starter motor does nothing, there is a sound coming from behind the engine (electrical sound )nothing close to the starter. I have to rock the car while in gear and then the car starts, and it continues to start, only in the morning after standing for about 10 hours.

The Battery was checked proffesionaly and found to be 100% the, the charging was also checked and found to be good.

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Going a bit old school now but....if rocking it solves the problem it sounds as though your starter motor is engaged on the starter ring prior to you turning the key. This would prevent the motor running up and gaining any momentum and therefore not turning the engine over.

Unfortunately what it doesn't explain is (1) whether the Avensis has a pre-engaged starter motor (I thought these were old fashioned) and (2) if it is permanantly engaged how come it hasn't burst into flames/flown appart when the engine gets going?

The electrical noise you mention, can you describe it more? Is it a whiring/clicking/humming/what?

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i agree with druid boy....sounds like a starter motor prob... i have no idea weather the starter motor is preengaged or not... if it isnt then thats ya answer as to why it doesnt burn out its stuck in the disengaged poss and rocking frees it...

Have u tried putting a live feed onto the starter motor see if that helps??


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