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Strange Starting Problem

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Just got my 2006 Verso D4D through the mot emissions test ,after advice from the forum and at the same time fixed the foam on a rattling airbox, and replaced a droning front n/s wheel bearing.

The car is running great after a move from supermarket diesel , a can of BG244 , and a cleaning out of the EGR valve.

However i have now encountered an intermittent starting problem , engine cranks, catches on a couple of cylinders, blows smoke out and then runs fine. The garage who cleaned the EGR feel that the manifold itself is full of carbon and that cleaning this should sort it out !

At start up i can hear an intake of air around the fuel filter / pump area which seems to cut in and out and wondered if this starting problem is maybe due to another fault.

Any help or comments appreciated. At first i wondered if the system cleaner was still cleaning the system and that this might be causing the problem ?

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When the egr valve was cleaned out did they ckean your manifold aswell as there are two ports in the top of the manifold where the egr bolts to these often block with carbon, but normal sympton is lack of power and at idle wont rev over approx 2500-3000 rpm. Any fault codes?

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Thanks for your response , the mechanic did a thorough job on the EGR but was concerned that the manifold beyond the reach of his brush and hoover would be badly clogged, today the car started OK but then all of a sudden it reverts to the symptoms I describe. Havent got any fault codes showing, but had thought fuel filter or something because of the air noise on starting. Thanks again for your response.

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