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Repair And Cleaning Of The Reflector Avensis

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Hi I would like to share with you my knowledge, especially that avensis have headlight problems.


remove the screws that holds the glass case,

heat gun is required to do this,

heat link between the glass and the case until the glue lets off

after warming up with a little force separate from the case and glass


you can wash the dirt from the entire glass inside and outside whit a sponge and dish soap.

Do it very gently not to scratch it

rinse with distilled water because it does not leave stains and dry air from the compressor

frame covered with silver, we can only flush, do not touch, rub because descends

unscrew the lens



biggest problem is the mirror lens that is burning out


repeat the process starting from the end

if you have any questions, we are happy to answer and help.


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Is it possible to see the extent of the blackening of the reflector without actually dismantling the whole headlight ? I would rather not carry out this rather dramatic procedure without being fairly certain that the blackening was bad.

Any idea where the reflector can be sourced ?

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Yes we have got a lot of reflectors but i have to speak whit admins here before anything else can be said, still waiting for any response from them.

To ighaig

Do you mean how to check if reflector/lens need replacing?

If so its tricky, you should be able to notice the lights are dimmer at night time, or check the light as the post starter over garage wall

Basically you can deeper look inside the headlight if the lens is looking little bit "milky" or its looking like have dust on it then need cleaning.

About the reflector itself unfortunate you are not able to check that, but you will notice your lights are not so bright as the were before.

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just the top of the front bumper..u dont need to take whole bumper off the car. Just one or three bolts(or screws-dont remember) on the top of the bumper mask+2 plastic clips. Then one 10mm bolt on each top cornes of the bumper side(wings area). Then just pull the sides of the bumper and front mask too gently. Another two screws on the top of the each headlamp.. unscrew them and pull the headlamp forwards. That's it.

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Hi Madmax12 I have been trying for ages to work out why my headlights have gone so I find your description really useful. I have changed the bulbs - no difference - and recently bought a replacement unit from a dismantler thinking it might be the ballast box in the bottom of the unity that is the problem but it was just the same. I have 3 questions: 1) is it possible to clean the reflector or am I more likely to have to replace it? 2) Do you know where I could get 2 reflectors from? 3) when you reassemble the headlamp what do you reseal them with ... just a clear sealant or does it have to be something more heat resistant? I am s pleased to read your post as this is the first time I have managed to find someone who understands the issue - many thanks for posting it.

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Yes, its common problem :) glad i helped.

There is no need of buying so expensive form dealership


1. Its tricky, reflectors are not simply sprayed whit glossy paint or chrome, the process is more complicated, if you try clean it you will wipe off the aluminum,

2. Yes i do know where you can get new ones and if you exchange the reflector inside, your headlight will light like new one (cant say more don't want to get banned here ;) advertise is not allowed) this very moment im sending another email to admin. ANY Chinese headlight are not worth it they cheap but they simply worst quality there is.

3. Its very difficult to glue it back that's because the sealant needs to be placed properly otherwise water and dirt (dust) will go inside, any of these will decrease reflector lifespan.

I do not suggest anything as a glue, that's because there is special glue that we use but its impossible to share it.

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  • 2 months later...

I ended up buying new reflector from headlightregen on ebay. My lights are now many many times brighter - I am so pleased

I do not see why someone would pay £50 for a reflector, when you can buy brand new headlight unit from Ebay for £40.

I susspect "Dave Nibbo and Madmax 12" are the polish blokes trying to sell those reflectors. Nothing wrong with that but I think it is against the rules of this site to pose as such to self promote. I may be wrong, just my opinion.

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The difference is huge, and his my customer. I do not need self promote. I try helping over this forum and enable access to genuine parts. I'm sure admins can verify pm's

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Kashbg I find your suggestion quite arrogant, insulting and out of order. I spent some considerable time trying to get 2 new xenon headlight units at a price below the £800 Toyota had quoted me and I could find none. Every lead I followed ended up not being xenon. I then tried Breakerlink and ended up buying one a second hand xenon unit for £50 only to find it had the same problem. If you track back through the history you will see that I was connected to Madmax through advice of other forum users. He was very helpful and the only person I had managed to find who knew what he was talking about with regarding these lights - Toyota included. Please get your facts correct before pointing fingers and misleading other forum users!

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Well done boys. You both have managed to respond within 15 min apart. I note "Dave Nibbo" has suddenly decided to take down his avatar, which was a burned out Avensis reflector. Nothing wrong with that. Just a coincidence.

madmax12 you write "The difference is huge, and his my customer", did you mean to say "he is my customer" ?

I had some suspicions before, but now I know.

Anyway, I hope those Polish products are worth the £50 as opposed to brand new headlight at the price of £40 on Ebay.

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I originally put that burned out picture on my profile because I couldn't work out how to attach a picture to my message seeking help. I took it off cos I have now sorted it.

I would urge you to look at the ebay link carefully before comparing cos I could not find any that were really xenon despite the site saying they were compatible. They are not the same units as there are extra components with the xenon ones.

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