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Should I Get Kahn Rsr 17" For My Toyota Paseo 96


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Hey guyz,

I been savin money for a while, and I been thinking about getting rims for my toyota cynos (paseo) 96, its silver, and now the time came that I buy it some rims, instead of staying with my usual factory rims,

I am just not sure if it is the right decision, just wish some suggestions if I should get the Kahn RSR Rims,

I am from Malta, and I been lookin the best dealers of rims and I sorta didn't liked what I seen,

So I wanna show ya a pic of the rims that I am interested in, tell me what ya think if it is the right move to buy them, coz I am planning to phone the dealer this weekend.


This is how my car looks like:


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these are the ones I am talkin about, they are on a supra I found on the net,

Sorta like them plain, and just wish to know if the lots of money i spend on them would be worthed.

Oh and I wish to ask a question also if 18" fit my cynos 96


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