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Buzzing Through Clutch Pedal

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I recently had my clutch replaced and found that above approx 4,000 rpm when changing gear, I was getting a buzzing through my clutch pedal when pressed about half way down, has anyone experience this?

Everyone kept saying it was a faulty thrust bearing, so I took it back to the garage that replaced it and they fitted a complete new clutch assembly and thrust bearing and the problem is still there. They are adamant that the vibration is external to the clutch housing because they manually operated the clutch with a bar and there was no vibration.

As the clutch hydraulics use the same reservoir as the brakes, I was wondering if there was some interaction with the ABS system.

They did definitly change the clutch, because I know these people to be genuine and I inspected the removed thrust bearing.

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I am beginning to think it could be due to the fact that it was not a Toyota original spare, there could be a problem with the design of quality control of the alternative manufacturer. It would be interesting to know if the others on this forum have genuine spare clutch fitted.

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