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Power Boost Valve


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Hey all!

Is it worth putting a power boost valve on my Starlet SR? How much can you up the fuel pressure by?

P.S I promise to get some pics on soon when i am a gold member but also some B*****d reversed into ma baby las weekend n put a nice big dint in ma front wing so she is poorly at mo! When its fixed ill post some pics! I promise!

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is that your car plasted with those lairy graphics in your avatar..??

definatly eyecaching...

are those super oscers on the front??

in my opinion it wouldent be worth putting a pbv on any n/a car under 1500..

but im not saying dont do it..ull probably notice a crisper throttle response....

for the money id get a

caster/antilift kit and some uprated polybushes....

or braded lines and dot 4 brake fluid.

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The Malpassi FSE Power Boost Valve is what's known as a rrfpr, rising rate fuel pressure regulator. For every psi of POSITIVE manifold pressure, the Malpassi will add an adjustable amount of psi's to the fuel pressure.

With negative manifold pressure, the Malpassi does nothing, zilch, zip, nada.


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It's not worth putting a boost valve on.

i got one on my SR, it got rid of the flatspots (they were hardly noticable to begin with)

and if anything, it made my fuel consumpion better!! don't ask me how. i got to nottingham from Bristol on 1/3 of a tank,it used to take over 1/2

but they say there suspossed to improve acceleration. nope!!

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Na, your'e thinkin of that ecotek thingy. they say that improves economy as well

Ah yea thats it! :rolleyes:

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