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Modifying Flash Function

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An annoying thing (for me) is how flash function works; when using it, headlamps blink with all 4 bulbs, low and high beams - too much, even for me. :D I want my car blinks with high beam only.

I solved this problem in following way; cut black wire (pin no.8) from healights switch 13 pin connector, and I inserted a 4 pins relay. I fed relay coil from spiral cable 12 pin connector, tapping green wire - pin no.12 - steering pad illumination (+12V) and I took minus tapping white/black wire - pin no.11 - headlights switch connector.


After that flash function works normally, blinking with high beam only. :yahoo:

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Nice writeup again mate! :) Mine is even worse now after I made some modifications and installed custom DRLs. When in DRL mode the high beam flashes just normally. But when I turn my headlights on it flashes also my DRLs (in foglights) and they turn on/off faster then my high beams so it's kind a double flash. In a way it is cool though, maybe I should make a video one day :D

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Insert a 5 pin relay in DRLs circuit ( connect "COM" and "NC" pins) in order to switch them off when parking lights are on.

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