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3 Cylinders, Engine Warning, Traction Control And Vsc Lights

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I have a 2006 Toyota Corolla Verso 1.8 petrol.

The other day I experienced a sudden loss in power and my engine warning, traction control and VSC lights came on. The engine did not stall but was lumpy and sounded as though it was running on three cylinders. It will drive but loses power if throttle is pushed to the floor, hence gentle throttle work (below 3,000 revs) is required.

It is due to go to the dealer next week as it is under extended warranty but wondered if anyone can give me a clue and in return I will update causes, replacements, costs of repair etc.



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Sorry I have been away and unable to reply.

Yes it was indeed the coil pack. Parts were around £90 from a dealer + fitting. I was warned that they can go one after the other but that it isnt worth replacing them all at the same time.

Car works perfectly again.

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