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Water Pump 2Sz-Fe

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My water pump makes noises and pink stuff i leaking from the pump, so I guess it's time to change it.

My only concern is the auxillary drivebelt refitting and adjustment (no AC 1.3 L 2sz-fe engine).

I have the Haynes repair manual which states that the lower cover panel under the car has to be removed.

Is that really necessary? Is it possible to do the water pump change and drivebelt refitting entirely working from the top of the car?

It's winter here and I would hate working on the ground ;-)

I found this pump:


But since it doesn't seem to last long, are there any alternative pumps out there?

Anything else I should be aware of?

BTW, couldn't find any DIY guides anywhere on the net :-(

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I am not aware of the water pump being an item with a high failure-rate but it does sound like yours is in need of replacement. The Haynes manual recommends removal of the lower cover panel even for relatively minor tasks like changing the coolant and it is probably best to do this in order to avoid making a mess under the bonnet. There are about 10 bolts to remove and it should not take you long.

As for alternative pumps you could consider the following:

This one from Jap parts


Good luck ;)

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Toyota Europe extended the warranty on the 2sz-fe 1.3 and 1kr-fe 1.0 engined Yaris's as the water pumps were known to leak, the extenion was upto 5years/60000miles they also modified the water pumps with improved designs

2sz-fe modified from 16100-09141 too 16100-29125


1kr-fe modified from 16100-09450 too 16100-09530 + 91551-00820 x2 + 91551-00845 x1 + 91551-00850 x2


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Thank you, very helpful information.

I never recieved any extended warranty letter from Toyota though :-(

I go for part number 16100-29125. It seems to come in two variations, one with a triangular and one with a round plate, where you fit the pulley.

Do you happen to have the part number for the gasket too ?

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You wouldn't receive a letter from Toyota as it would be up to your Toyota dealer to arrange a repair should the pump fail within 5years/60000miles.

Not sure what variation you have seen, I have seen many of the newer pumps and they are all the same however they do have a different casing shape compared with the old pump.

If you order 16100-29125 from Toyota it will come with the required gasket.


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