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We went to view a tsport today which was nice and a good car overall. However when we checked the history it said its had a colour change on the day after it was registered. The colour is like a chsmpagne gold colour. However looking at the car underneath carpets and rubber strips theres no evidence of a colour change whats so ever. The owner of the car reckons main dealer resprayed thr car which I don't believe at all. The only conclusion I can think of is that when it was registered maybe they made a mistake and done a correction.

Anyway we walked away but just find it really odd.

The colour on the V5 is showing as grey

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My previous car (a Rover 214) was Champagne Gold over Grey. On the logbook it was known as multi-coloured. However, after owning the car for about 7 years, I get a letter from DVLA asking what colour my car was. I couldn't quite understand why this letter was sent, so I rang them.

The gist of the conversation was that to be a multi-coloured car, there must be a minimum of 3 different colours (the black window surrounds or the red and orange lights didn't count) and the MOT at the time stated Gold/ Grey and not multi-coloured as previous MOTs.

So, I had to sent off the logbook to have the colour changed to Gold over Gray.

When I took the car for MOTs after that, I told them to put the colour down as Gold/Grey as I didn't want another letter.

I did notice tho' that at night the car did look silvery grey, but wee wee yellowish tint in daylight.

So, I'd have thought a correction if there is no evidence of another colour anywhere else on the car.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for that. Only odd thing with this car was that the colout change dste same ad the day it was first registered. We didn't buy it in the end because of that. When I rang the dealer thst itcwad from and they couldn't give a definitive answer so never bothered. I recently sold my beloved 1600E Cortina and the original log book on that said maroon/black cherry however the new log book says purple so no idea how DVLA work

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Yes its so frustrating when you get a situation like that, your heart says its a great car but your head says 'alarm bells - walk away'

Had a similar experience with a silver rolla when looking to buy my current one, seemed perfect on the test drive.

Like you, got home and did an HPI check and the colour was shown as RED.

Who knows where the problem was, but certainly not up to me to sort out - so walked .

btw do you search around for the best hpi check ? many of the big names use the hpi but offer lower prices and / or also insure you against any future loss should it prove to to be stolen or a write off that did not show up on their register at time of your purchase

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"Thanks for that. Only odd thing with this car was that the colour change date same as the day it was first registered."

That makes me think that it was could have been an error describing the colour originally. Is there a colour code (maybe on the VIN plate or somewhere else) that would give you the heads up on it's original colour? Could be worth looking into for future reference.

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If you have the VIN Number then you can check what Toyota originally logged the colour as here:- http://www.toyodiy.com/parts/q.html

Common Colour codes are:-

8P4 - Indigo Ink Pearl

209 - Black Sand Pearl

1D2 - Grey (Prob Silver!)

1F6 - Dark Grey

3E5 - Red

You can compare that to what the DVLA currently have the car listed as here (By Registration Number), Select Vehicle Enquiry:- https://www.taxdisc.direct.gov.uk/EvlPortalApp/app/home/intro

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Right got to the bottom of it. It was an error on dealers part by all accounts and what they did was just filled the vehicle change details on the V5

Makes you wonder about the bright sparks filling the forms in lol

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