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C2 Vts Seats In Aygo (Soon)

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Does anybody here changed there front seats? i,am planning to change the original seats by C2 VTS seats.

I already bought them but had no time to check what i must change to fit them in the Aygo.

This weekend i must work and on monday i,am free think that i ,am going to look than what to change

these are the seats


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Let us know how you get on.

You might be pleasantly surprised and they may go straight in with no bother.

Been trying to find pictures of the underneath of the C2 seats and Aygo seats to have a look at the fixings but with no luck.

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this is the undersite of the C2VTS seat


I dont have pictures from the aygo seats

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Mmm, look very similar.

It doesn't take long to get an Aygo seat out. I would be inclined just to take one out and place a C2 seat in its place and see what you have got to play with.

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Thats what i was planning to do. Teusday i am going to speak to a friend on my work. He is Head of the whole laborsection on my work and we olso have a metal and sprayshop so the metalstrips that i need i was planning to let them make at my work

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