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Missing Mileage

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Hi, I'm bemused.

I have an 05 T3s D4D Avensis estate, which I have had for about 6 years. I used to get around 440-460 from a tank, but in the last few months it has dropped right off to around 360 - 380 and the EML came on.

Losing 100 miles a tank is quite scary!

I went to Toyota who said the EGR needed renewing & that would cause the mileage loss.

I arranged for it to be cleaned in the first instance, but when the garage took it out they found it had been blanked off. Not something I had done.

The EGR was replaced with a new one, but I am now into the second tank after replacement and it doesn't seem to have made any difference (apart from to my bank account).

Any ideas please?

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2.0 or 2.2? Mileage?

You should expect fuel economy to drop over the winter but not that much.

Are you using the same fuel & driving the same routes/manner?

Anything else amiss (smoke, coolant use etc. etc.)?

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2.0. Mileage appx 120k.

Same routes, same fuel station, no change to coolant, no smoke.

Less motorway mileage over the winter, but even that is the same (as previous winters).

It was a sudden and definite drop.

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