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Best All Terrain Tyres?

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Hello all, just become the proud owner of a 13 year old Rav4 !!!

Not bad condition for the year but the tyres are rubbish ..... they just about come into the 'budget' category ....

Looking to replace them with All Terrain tyres ..

I want something good in the wet, mud + snow and behaves reasonably on road. For the kind of mileage I will do (3K) not too bothered about wear (or noise for that matter)

I like the look of the Yokohama Geolandar at-s G012's.

Has anyone any experience using the above tyres or can offer a good alternative??

Cheers guys.

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Wher are you planning to go with this motor? I personally wouldn't buy those unless I was going up fields etc. For normal use, Geolanders with a much less block tread are more than capable of dealing with mud, snow and other moderate off road use - it is the 4WD that will overcome most problems and it will make you a very acceptable on road vehicle. G91s take some beating.

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Going up fields is exactly what I will be doing. We have a caravan we visit regular and the field is impossible to cross in my merc due to the mud. We also do a lot of walking, mountain biking etc and I just get fed up of leaving the car miles away from where we should be because of access. Just thought chunky tyres would do the trick.

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I'm sure they will but they just look a bit agricultural. Yokohama as a brand takes some beating. I know a chap who does Type Approval testing on tyres and he reckons the Japanese, Korean and even the Chinese (as a very acceptable budget tyre producer) are producing top notch tyres.

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Hello ,

I have a 1999 Rav4 Heat. I have had Yokohama Geolander GO33 on it since new .

Never a worry with these. latest addidition for spare cost £148 GBP.

Check that your in car jack can lift the wheel high enough to match the studs. I have posted some information about this around the 15th January 2013. Something like 14 replies. Regards Blackbear.

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