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Unusual Problem. Can Anyone Help Plz?

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Could be so many things electrical, from a faulty inginition switch, faulty relay, or starter solenoind - basically all the parts that activate that circuit.

Any trapped /shorting wiring could do the same thing.

Has any work been done on the dashboard or engine bay recently ?

Have you driven it in some deep water that may have shorted the starter /solenoid ?

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It started happening after the last snow fall and thaw. I havent driven through deep water but there was plenty on the roads!

My other half has replaced the starter motor/solenoid and it still tries to start but not as bad as before. He has also taken out the starter relay to get the part number but had to take out the dash relay to get at it. After making a few phone calls to find the part, he has forgotten which positions the relays go back in. The Haynes book doesnt say either! Can anyone help with this please?

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Have not been able to locate the Starter Relay - is it one of the two located behind the pull out tray under the drivers side of the dash ?

If so , its the blue one on top, the larger grey/white one in the middle and the bottom one empty.

The ignition switch starter switch bolt on section was a regular problem on the old avensis, but they failed to make contact, wonder if yours is doing the reverse.

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